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Patchnotes 26/11/2020

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  • In the settings of the game launcher players can now choose the download method to use.
  • A new version of Mosquito Lake is implemented.
  • Implemented the player qualification system. Earn ranks and insignia by completing special tasks.
  • The prices for alcoholic beverages in silver coins have been increased. The prices of some ingredients for beverage recipes have also been increased.
  • Improved the physics interaction between lures and the bottom surface during reeling.
  • Increased the catch rate of "Artificial Rodents" lures. The wear rate of such lures has also been increased.
  • The amount of bait made by the recipe “Wheat Grains” has been tripled.
  • Implemented the transition to a new version of the graphics engine of the game.
  • Fixed: In some cases the fish were attracted to spinning lures that were only propelled by the force of the water flow.
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