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Levo's Guide: Weather


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Hi guys

I want to share some tips and info that I learned when playing RF4 about how the weather is affecting the fish bites and fish behaviour. Some of you might not be aware that weather is very important in RF4 and it is one of the main reasons for you to be successful when targeting certain fish species. Please note this is my own game experience, not the official RF4 game guide and you might have a different experience in the game than me.

* You can check the weather at all water bodies while in the game - press ESC when in the game



Click on it to get the more detailed weather report



You can also check the Weather forecast on different water bodies by clicking on Weather forecast for each water body before you travel there



Please note that this is a weather forecast and as all forecast, it might be not always100% correct :) 


*Temperature - In my opinion, it is very important in the game so we should take it into consideration when targeting each species.Temperature influences the fish's body temperature and bodily functions. Really high and really low water temperatures reduce the amount of oxygen in the water, making fish less active and picky about food. In general, fish hate rapid temperature change and when this happens most of the species won't be very active for some time. Different fish species might be more active when the temperature is higher but some might be more active when the temperature is lower. For example - Carp becomes more active when the temperature is above 18ºC but Burbots when the temperature drops below 6ºC.


* Wind - Another super important aspect of the game. Wind can play a large role in where to fish and your fishing success. Wind pushes water and surface food. When the wind direction changes, this does have an effect on the fish. The wind helps move the crustaceans and other tiny water insects to go in the direction it blows, in particular, those that receive in the top column of the water. The fish will follow the food and predators will follow their prey. So if you see changes in the wind direction try to adapt your casting and always pay attention to the wind changes. As @LadyofGames explained in one of her posts "When first you were catching fish closeby the dock, now you'll find it has dried out. Simply because the wind no longer helps the food move towards the dock, but moves it away from the dock. You can either remain fishing as you did, but with a lot lower catches. Or you can adapt and cast out as far as you can towards the North-West. Or you can take up your things, take the boat to the island straight ahead of the dock, cast out closeby and start hauling in fish again" - we can react to wind changes and be more successful.

* Rain - Rain can have a number of effects on fishing. The rain is often much cooler than temperature around, and this cooling effect can reduce fish feeding activity. Fish are also very sensitive to vibration and again might reduce fish feeding activity. If rain is heavy you might want to try fish deeper parts of the map as fish might hide there during a rain. But rain also might bring some positive effects: Fishing during a light rain makes casting lines more discreet and less visible for the fish. Insects are also more likely to be out flying near the surface of the water during or immediately following a light rain, which will bring fish closer to the surface of the water and make them more likely to being caught. Rain can also cause more organic matter to run into bodies of water and lure fish to the surface to eat. From my own experience when playing RF4 I learned that for example Bream or Grass Carp are bitting more during rainy weather.


* Sunny and Cloudy weather - Some fish species might prefer to get closer to the surface of the water when is very sunny, please remember not all fish are feeding the bottom parts of the water and sunny weather/ a lot of light might encourage them to bite closer tot he surface. In my opinion, the lure choice is also very important during a sunny or cloudy weather. When the light is very good I would use more shiny lures and during a cloudy weather, I would go for much darker lure colours. Please also remember that sun will raise the water temperature and fish that prefers colder layers of the water will probably move to deeper parts of the water and on more cloudy days some of the fish species will more likely to bite closer to the surface - you might want to try shallow wobblers on topwater lures. 


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On 1/24/2019 at 5:04 PM, Bagjo said:

And thunder ?

Hi Bagjo

Yes, it makes a difference as well, some fish species might not bite cuz of the thunder and some fish might bite more often just before thunder.



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Is the wind direction to or from in the game, weather wind forecasts are normally from. So a northerly wind is blowing to the south but I think its the other way in this game, when it says north wind, its blowing to the north and you should move north to find the fish.

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