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Kole S

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Hello fellow anglers o/


In the process of switching over to standalone and trying to find a new avatar/profile picture that matched throughout the game, this forum and the official discord I came across a method of creating them that ended up working pretty well. Having made myself about 30 of them (and still not settled) I've gotten pretty speedy with it and decided to offer to share the work here for others to use.


The point of this thread is an offer to create custom avatars for other players, based on requested images/colours. At the moment circular images work the best so that's the template shape.


Requesting an avatar is simple! Just copy and paste the template below, with your details, in a reply to this post and I'll try to create it for you. You may message me to communicate this privately or in more detail, the end result will be posted here when it's complete. The images do not have to be RF4 or fishing related, but must follow the rules of the game, forum and official discord.


Background: [link the image or describe what you want]

Focus Image: [link the image or describe what you want]

Main Colours: [choose custom gradient border or choose for me to make it match image]



In order to keep the posts light and tidy, the images have been reduced in resolution and compressed. You can save the images from here as 216x216 (recommended) or request the HD 1080x1080 version via private message.


zmBgimD.png          RlO3Zrw.png          VLtaQUS.png          qFd4qNB.png

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First commission done \o/


The request was for a mean looking, metallic/scifi fish.


The chosen avatar after some edits




Some of the others offered:



lixxkSr.png   en8PvVF.png   iq9TxWN.png   dmKd3R0.png


Some other random avatar ideas:



YkkJRnt.png   kn6O8mf.png   wVeEqSD.png   zKeRoLU.png


Edited by Kole.
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1 hour ago, charliesheen1 said:

Great Idea, Kole. Since the Crocodile is my favourite animal i would love to get an avatar like that one below, but instead of a lion - a badass looking crocodile. 


How about something like...


Aj0MFd8.png   or    4OWfLnv.png


Kelly picked the second one for you lol

Let me know if you want something changed or edited. Thanks for posting! o/

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We had another commission! This time from Ragnarocek, looking for a fishing viking. I got to have some fun with this one 😄


Some of the first drafts while we narrowed down what he was looking for. The first one is the first thing that came to my mind when I thought about a hardcore viking going "fishing" lol. The second one is something I would imagine a viking would challenge 



0Bdae3c.png     iacx9RF.png


I finally nailed it and the winner was.....




Thanks for looking and don't be afraid to commission something for yourself. 🙂

Edited by Kole S
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