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Patch notes and Announcements

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Hello anglers,

Today we will share more information in regards of who we will meet at the new water body - Ladoga lake.

First, meet the Three-spined stickleback - this is a small, fun to catch fish species from Gasterosteidae family.



Ladoga is home to many Coregonus species, also known as whitefishes. One of the new such species is Valaam Whitefish



And last but not least for today is the biggest occupant of the lake - Baltic Sturgeon.


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Every seasoned angler knows not only how to catch a fish but also how to make it taste good.



Today we would like to present to you a new skill - Cooking. With this skill players will be able to taste a juicy shish kebab right off of the skewer, enjoy the greatest fish soup made on the campfire and even indulge themselves with caviar made by their own hands.

This is just a short list of the many other new possibilities available to players through the new Cooking skill.




Tight lines and…. bon appetit!


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We are aware that the servers are currently down. We apologize for the inconvenience and work hard to bring them back up again. We'll inform you as soon as everything is up and running once more. Thank you for your time and patience.

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We are aware that the Steam servers are still down for our players. We kindly ask for your patience as we try to bring back the servers as fast as possible.

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Update - Ladoga lake




-  New skill “Cooking” and its related recipes have been added to the game.

-  New achievements related to cooking added to the game.

-  Many new food items are added to the game.

-  New interactive objects are added to water bodies, such as smoker, fish dry rack and brazier.

-  Number of portions for some items in grocery stores are increased (tea, coffee, salt, etc). Prices for these products are also increased.

-  New rods are introduced to the game – Spod rods. Spod rods are design for delivering groundbait and can be used as a fourth rod.

-  A fourth slot has been added to the game, to switch faster between the selected items from the inventory.

- For spinning reels, the fixation of the line has been implemented, called Clipping. To use hold left control plus - +.

- Fishing with the Sbirolino rig is now also available in spin fishing skill.

- The restocking times of repair parts of the Workshop has been increased.

- The ‘Store’ tab in the Workshops has been removed. Instead there are now separate Hardware shops on the water bodies, with the exception Bear Lake.

- The current setting of float depth will now be saved when you go offline.

- Implemented: the ability to name selfmade groundbait.

- The bottom of Bear Lake has been adjusted. Carp species may have changed their locations.

- Implemented: a Snag indicator has been added to user interface.

- Implemented: An unread message indicator has been added to the user interface

- The properties of groundbait have been adjusted, it’s effectiveness has been increased.

- Implemented: New water body - Ladoga Lake. The water body unlocks at level 28.

- Implemented: New fish species - they can be found in Lake Ladoga.

- Implemented: New baitfish (whitefish)

- Implemented: New fishing reels from the manufacturer Beluga. This reel series includes several spinning reels and baitcasting reel models.

- Implemented: Updated reels of the brands Trident and Zeiman.

- Implemented: There are new fishing rods of the brand Kingfisher

- Implemented: There are new artificial lures from the brand Volkhoff

- Implemented: The assortiment of sinkers from the Simmons brand has been expanded

- Implemented: The assortment of hooks for Berserk Hooks and Simmons manufacturers have been expanded.

- The experience points for Grayling have been increased.

- The following languages have been added to the game: French, Polish, Spanish and Portuguese (Brazilian).

- Implemented: the notification in chat of the game message about torn leaders.

- Implemented: 3-day Premium Membership

- Due to bug fixes in the user settings, the hot keys settings have been reset to default.

- Fixed: in some cases, after the groundbait was produced, the “Discard” button did not appear in the dialog box.



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Patch note:

It is difficult to say for sure what was the true cause of minor illnesses, seriously complicating the lives of some characters. Perhaps, it may have been their first time trying the butter, or the butter itself was too potent. Whatever it was, the crisis has been contained and all the ill will get better soon to return to their normal state of health. At this time, we had to temporarily remove this unexpectedly dangerous product from use.

-          Trophy sizes of Burbot, Char and Red Char have been increased.

-          The work of all 10000 reels have been fixed.

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Where we are going next …


Having caught all the unique fish of Ladoga Lake, every avid fisherman may want to change the cool and austere beauty of the northern reservoir for the warm waters of the southern rivers.
Russian Fishing 4 will give you this opportunity. The next water body - the Akhtuba River - is one of the left tributaries of the Volga and is famous for its excellent fishing.


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08/10/18 Patch notes:

- All carp migration intervals have been increased. All carp species school sizes have been increased.

- All alcohol recipes will need full portions of the ingredients.

- Boats have been adjusted to minimize their collisions with the game world objects.

- Snag indicator time-out has been removed.

- Characters strength have been increased by 20% while “pumping” the fish.

- Characters strength have been increased by 10% while operating reel handle.

- Reel mechanism has been reworked (maximum speed of handle rotation has been increased while reeling in a fish. Speed of handle rotation is dependent on the character strength and the line tension.)

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Friends, please restart the game to implement the following:


- Fixed. Bridge to the island at Ladoga lake was blocked.
- Fixed. Reel handle minimal rotation speed has been set too high.
- All changes to the boats have been removed.
- Added. Dutch localization.

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Akhtuba species


In the early 20th century, the meat of this fish was valued almost as much as salmon meat. Reaching more than half a meter in length and weighing up to two kilograms, this species of herring is very tasty and easy to cook.





The next representative of Akhtuba species doesn’t look much like the kinds of fish we are used to. Reaching a length of 55 cm and a weight up to 200 grams, it resembles a parasite, although it is not at all. Hardy enough to use as live bait.


Caspian Lamprey



The queen of freshwater inhabitants. To date, the largest river fish ever recorded. The largest specimen was caught in 1827 and weighted 1.571 kg. It can compete in size with tiger, greenland and even with white sharks.





In total, 17 new species of fish will be introduced with Akhtuba river. Most of you know them all, but some will be lucky enough to meet them for the first time.


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