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Fly Fishing!

Kole S

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No doubt some of you have figured out the hints that point towards fly fishing being a thing soon, but this new patch all but proves it!


We saw the hint poster




Now we see the hint bait




Now we can discuss what this new fishing style may bring to the game!


One of the most obvious targets for scud bait is trout. We already have a few species of trout on existing lakes, but does this suggest that the next map to be reworked might be Belaya? It makes the most sense considering it's the smallest waterbody, many people complain about how "simple" it is and how little it offers. It has quite a few shallow areas already which would make fly fishing pretty easy to implement by moving some collision boundaries back a bit. Will this bring not only new rods and reels, but new accessories like waders, polarized sunglasses, fly floatant, line dressing and fly fish nets? What about options for crafting like leader straighteners, clippers and strike indicators?


Something else to consider, is the addition of kayaks for fly fishing. This would work especially well on Belaya, since currently there is an area we can't even get to and it's common knowledge that at the level most players open Belaya, there is slim chance they can cast far enough to find the fish unless that week is lucky enough to have them closer to the bank.


What are your thoughts and opinions on this?

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