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My Festive Bag Results Before/After 29th Patch

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I think there is a problem with the catching the "Xmas Bag" rate. 23-25th I received 12 of them. Fishing for many hours(didn't keep track). (patched)26-28th I caught 5 "kettlebells and 1 bag. (approx 1000 fish caught). Again fishing for many hours offline/streaming. Still have 3 left to catch. (patched) 29th. I fished yesterday for about 11 hours. Total fish caught = 300. 4 logins(includes crash)/3 game glitches/1 game crash. I fished 1 hour with 4 meter tele-stick=16 fish/1 hour with 6 meter tele-stick=14 fish. Many minutes I sat watching, no bites at all. Sorry but quite bored after that. 1 hour with 2 tele-sticks=32 fish. 3 hours yielded=62-300=238. For 8 hours fishing with 3 tele-sticks 238=average 30 fish per hour.(3 Trophy Sleepers) "NOT A SINGLE BAG OR KETTLEBELL CAUGHT".  Yes I felt the miss rate more often (like doubled) and fish were getting off hook as pulling them in. My gear set up And of course I was given a fish the hit my weakest rod and broke it instantly (pic below) that was beloved Kama "Frog Rod". Now being 1hr=1day, seem like I'm fishing for bags in February. Something is seriously wrong here and certainly think that my luck cannot really be that bad, of course I'm a little upset, no denying that, for all those whom I spoke with have completed this event on 1 or both accounts. I thought I was going to have a good time with this event(what a struggle to get food/drink/bait) thanks for the drum though 🙂 I am going to try again shortly and hope to catch a least something today...reloading profile again.(Steam Acct) 



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