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Hello all , happy new year. I hope 2021 is better for everybody.


As i ve been playing this game for a good time, reached 100% all skills, bought almost all the gear and a lot of diferents trofys...

My sugetion here, is about the catch rate of spinning fishing. I agree that most of spin fishes are predatorry so for sure there will be less individuals then botton fishes. But its frustatin to see for more then 6months , all players catching tons of wild carp troff. while i saw 10 or less Caspian Brown Trout and most of them were caught lucky fishing for catfish... im not complaining about the game, i thinks this is the best game i ve ever played before... im just trying to show  apoint which is MUCH harder to fish for spin troffys then for botton ( sure there are a lot botton hard ones). There is a lot of fish i think ppl would enjoy fishing( like trolling in aktuba, Ladoga also for a high lvl map its pretty hard to make good silver there in spin, but im not sure the way to fix it. maybe its just the wild carp that is a bit OP.
Thanks all for the time, and patience to read!

Best regrads and sorry for my english!

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