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Kuori Lake Top Lures


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Lately at Kuori lake, we have seen many different lures working.  After the last patch, dodger crank ss002 and ss004 have been working very well.  Other wobblers and spinners that are colored like perch have been working well.  Furthermore, a lure that looks like a dying vendace (purple, gray, and black) have been working well.  The best weather for Kuori has been hot and rainy.  Finally, on some days, Kuori is very active, and you can make up to 400 silver.  Other days you will catch a few small perch that sell for pennies.


Some good lures to use with Fluoro leaders Lures: Kiruuna hunter 2 26g 002, and 006, Dodger Crank ss002, and ss004, Kiruuna Veikko 001, 004, 005, 009, 011, 012, and 013.


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