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2021 Improvements


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As we all know, Russian Fishing 4 is much different than an arcade fishing game.  Russian Fishing 4 is much more advanced.  Russian Fishing 4 is definitely a game that you will be playing for many years though (if you enjoy playing) because you can't visit the Akhtuba river on your second day of playing.  The big problem with Russian Fishing 4 is that the grind in this game is brutal.  For example, it gets boring making xp and silver fishing for breams at mosquito lake 24/7.  Also, some of the more fun fish for low level players to catch (chubs, crucians, gibels, and perch) do not make very much xp.  I will admit though, that chub and perch make decent silver.  Also, when it comes to increasing your harvest lvls,  low level players will struggle once they get to the point where crafting "the crumb" does not get them bait harvest points.    Also, if you guys haven't noticed, the only place for low level players to catch any type of sturgeon is the Belaya river (sterlet). If Russian Fishing 4 is to add a new lake or river, it should be for lvl 14+.  I am not a fan of the gap in between Belaya and Kuori.  In fact, I consider lvl 12-16 the "dead zone" of Russian fishing 4.  I think that it is difficult for a lvl 12 or 13 player to get through the levels, because they have no good path.  While catching bleak, chub and breams may get a player through lvl 4 or 5, it won't get them through lvl 14 with ease.  I agree with the way gear is priced, although I would like to see a small price drop in all of the reels, and I think that you guys should bring back the gen 1 of the lacerti for a limited time.  Also, a trading station or a flea market would be nice for a high or mid level player who has lots of entry level tackle that he/she doesn't need.  I think just like @Kole S said, fly fishing would be a good addition.  Tight Lines

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