Hotfix – 12.04.2023


– The amount of experience gained when catching the fish species chinese sleeper, gudgeon, bleak, dace, roach, and taran has been increased. The price of these species on the fish markets has also been increased.

– Increased the cost of some entry level rods.

– The effectiveness of fishing with the marine rigs “marine lure jigging rig” and “fillet rig” has been reduced.

– The trip to the Norwegian Sea is now available to all players, including those above level 33 and those who have purchased perpetual unlimited access.

– There is now a limit on the number of times players can purchase the trips. Buying a trip is now possible no more than three times.

– Increased the durability of the SAT Triumph and SAT Goliaf mechanisms.

– Added salt water protection for Zeiman ZM-Steelness and Beluga Imperial R600 reels.

– Fixed: In the previous update, the load capacity values of some rods introduced into the game were mistakenly changed. These values have been returned to their original state.

– Fixed: The rods of the WTA Coast Runner series have been corrected.

– Fixed: Using the Shrimp Lure required the “Pilker Rig” skill instead of the “Marine Paternoster Rig” skill.