Patch Notes 05/18/2022


– On the reservoirs of Old Burg, Bear Lake and Amber Lake there are automatic machines for mixing bait mixtures. To make bait in such a machine, you do not need a special skill, and any bait components are always in stock.

– On the reservoirs of Lake Kuori, Akhtuba River and Tunguska River, there are shops called “Homemade Lures”, in which you can buy handmade lures.

– Implemented the ability to make a bait without using hooks.

– The UI for moving to another body of water has been redesigned.

– Implemented the ability to purchase perpetual unlimited access to a reservoir. The purchase of such access removes the level limit and cancels the fee for moving to the reservoir.

– Restored the ability to communicate in all public chat channels.

– A new home region has been added to the game – Italy.

– Implemented localization of the game into Italian.