Patch Notes 11/11/2021


– The storage of food and drinks in the backpack and other storage areas has been changed. All food and drink items with the same name now only take up one slot in the inventory.

– In the menu; skills, tables and lists can now be navigated with keyboard keys.

– Implemented alternative to the mouse wheel control of the brake setting as well as the retrieval speed of the reel. The casting distance of the slingshot and the cobras can also be adjusted. The keyboard shortcuts Alt + Plus / Alt + Minus can be used to control the brake setting. To set the retrieval speed, use the key combinations R + Plus / R + Minus. Use the plus / minus buttons to set the casting distance of the slingshot or the cobra.

– The Tungus Vodka Box and the KALA Vodka Box are now only available for gold coins.

– Fixed: Some objects were not illuminated by the flashlight.

– Fixed: In previous updates, the volume of some tackle action sounds was incorrectly changed.

– Fixed: When connected to the internet with some providers, no usernames were displayed in the game chat and there was no access to other public information.

– Fixed: Under certain conditions, telescopic rods withstood loads that significantly exceeded their specified load-bearing capacity.

– Fixed: With certain menu scaling it was difficult to place an object in the quick slot selection.

-Fixed: When using a leader with a length of more than 40 cm on a Carolina rig, the accessories were displayed incorrectly.