Patchnotes 05.05.2023


– The price for fish species such as Roughhead grenadier, Northern wolffish, Esmark’s eelpout, Arctic Skate, Greenland halibut has been increased on the fish markets.

– The price for Atlantic halibut has been reduced at the fish markets.

– Increased the amount of experience points received for catching Atlantic halibut.

– Fixed. Fishing with marine rigs – some lures and attractants were not getting damaged.

– Fixed. In some cases, the weight of multiple marine lures was incorrectly calculated. This could result in no warning when rod tests were exceeded.

– Fixed. It was not possible to place various items in the player’s house.

– Fixed. Fishing for carp float rigs mistakenly required the sandwich bait fishing skill.

– The game world on the Norwegian Sea was reset (fish might have changed their locations and preferable baits etc.).