Patchnotes 05.10.2023


– 12 new fish species have been added to the Norwegian Sea.

– On the shore of the Norwegian Sea, a new player house is available.
– Players with a valid premium subscription can now call a submarine to a fishing spot to purchase bait, tackle, and products, as well as sell the catch.

– The selection of giant shads Sorvik Stor Fisk has been expanded.

– The selection of pilker and boat rods from the WTA manufacturer has been expanded.

– The selection of classic baitcasting reels Reef Borealica has been expanded.

– New Reef Turion SW spinning reels are now available.

– A new type of reel with an electric drive, Reef Electro Raptor, is now available in stores.

– The Perch model and the Common Carp model have been reworked.

– The ability to launch the game in the “borderless window” mode has been implemented.

– It is now possible to enable the “Default Running” character movement mode in the game settings.

– For more convenient landing of fish, the length of marine rigs has been reduced by 10 cm.

– Fixed: It was possible to use the workshop on the Norwegian sea map during the 5 day fishing trip.
Fixed: It was impossible to install a reel on a rod with a bonus to the “Marine fishing” skill, even though that bonus would get the player to the necessary skill percentages to be able to use the reel.

– Fixed: For lines with a diameter of more than 0.8 mm, the spool capacity of the reels was incorrectly calculated. The fix significantly increases the spool capacity of reels for line diameters greater than 0.8mm.

– Fixed: When making stuffed fish, the option “Can only be transferred to another player when purchased with gold coins” was incorrectly displayed in the properties of trophy boards. This type of item cannot be transferred to other players.

– Fixed: Once the reel mechanism was broken, it was impossible to break other components of the rig.

– Fixed: In some cases, live bait was not displayed on the rigs.