Patchnotes 07.11.2023


– Task 2 of stage 4 and task 2 of stage 7 in the marine fishing challenges have been changed.

– In the parameters of the trophy boards, we implemented the display of compatible houses.

– In the user interface of backpack, store, etc., pressing the Esc key navigates to the previous page.

Two new headlights have been added to the boat on the Norwegian Sea.

– Fixed: In some cases, the frog was not visible while using a baitfish rig.

– Fixed: The bait on jig heads for dead fish was incorrectly displayed.

– Fixed: The line was incorrectly displayed on some custom reel spools.

 – The counter for available trip purchases on the Norwegian Sea waterbody has been reset. From the moment of this update, all players can buy three trips on the Norwegian Sea again.

– The game world of the Norwegian Sea water body has been reset. The fish on Norwegian Sea could change their habitats and preferences for baits and lures.