Patchnotes 08/09/2020


– The option to place food and drinks in quick selection slots has been implemented.

– For Premium subscribers, the number of available quick selection slots has been increased to seven.

– Improved compatibility with older graphics cards for the water shaders used on the Tunguska River.

– The name of the workshop in which it is being repaired is now displayed in the item details.

– The region in which the account is registered is now displayed.

– The entry fee in the form of gold coins is now only available for running regional competitions.

– The shipment of items in the “Russia and CIS countries” region is only possible for players who are registered in the same region.

– For players registered in the “Russia and the CIS countries” region, only the Russian language is available in the game.

– A new version of the game’s graphics engine has been implemented.

– Another region for registration has been added – Spain.

– Fixed: When using a throwing pipe or a sling to deliver bait, the bait output was not displayed on the game screen