Patchnotes 12/21/2022


– New Year’s fairs are open on the water bodies.

– New Year’s gifts are prepared. From 25/12/2022 10am CET (4am EST) to 09/01/2023 10am CET (4am EST), fish with a telescopic rod at the festive location on Mosquito lake and get a chance to catch valuable gifts.

– From 12/23/2022 1am CET (12/22/2022 7pm EST) to 01/09/2023 10am CET (4am EST), the Happy Hour bonus will be valid for all players, and its duration will be doubled for Premium members.

– Implemented automatic saving of the values of the friction brake force and the speed of rotation of the reel selected by the player.

– Added “Remember item in hands” option to the game settings.

– The minimum level of ingame competitions is no longer limited by the water body where the match is being held. The creator can now choose the parameters.