Patchnotes 19.10.2021


– The flagged weight of the Chinook salmon has been reduced to 10 kg.

– At fish markets, the cost of fish species like Ludoga Whitefish, Valaam Whitefish, Vuoska Whitefish and Volkhov Whitefish has been significantly increased. The amount of experience points the player gains for catching these types of fish has been increased. The population of these species has increased. The bite of these species on the bottom tackle and some types of spinning rigs has been reduced.

– Fixed. On some computers, the game did not display water at Lake Kuori.

– Fixed. In some cases, a rod mounted on a stand could move arbitrarily.

– Fixed. In the case when a character entered the house after putting the rod on a stand, when leaving the house, errors in the character display occurred.

– Fixed. The lantern did not work.

– Fixed. The volume of some sounds was incorrect.

– Fixed. In the history of captures of famous inhabitants of reservoirs, the statistics of the player were incorrectly displayed.