Patchnotes 22/05/23


– The marine fishing challenges have been implemented.

– Two new inhabitants were added to the Norwegian Sea location: Red King Crab and Edible Crab.

– New on the Norwegian Sea location: The largest fish caught in each region during the last day will be displayed at the harbor.

– Some new spinning, classic baitcasting and conventional reels are now available in the shops.

– There is now a new species rarity parameter displayed for all fish in the catch details.

– Increased the sinking speed for the marine bottom rigs.

– The following bait crafting recipes have been added: Crab meat from Red King crab and Edible crab, Squid Meat from caught squid and frozen squid bought at the grocery shop.

– Increased the number of experience points for catching Greenland Halibut, Atlantic Halibut and Northern Wolffish.

– A commemorative gift for the sixth anniversary of the launch of the Russian Fishing 4 project is now available. To receive your gift, catch and release any fish before 19th of June 2023 2:00 AM CEST / 18th June 2023 8.00 PM EST. You need to be at least level 15, to receive the anniversary gift.