Patchnotes 28/06/2023


– In the user settings, the ability to separately set the FPS limit in case the game is running in the background has been implemented.

-An indicator has been added to the game screen for the marine rod in hand, signaling a bite.

-An indicator has been added to the game screen for any type of rod in hand, signaling  a fish is hooked.

-Increased the wariness of shy fish species to the presence of a running motor. To improve your results when trolling for cautious fish, increase your casting distance.

-An adjustment of parameters of the physical model of rods was made, aimed at improvement of correspondence of rods rigidity to their strength class.

-The strength of the following rod series has been increased: Heaven Creek Armada, Heaven Creek Black Edition, Segun Advent, Westhill Royal Picker.

-All picker rods received a bonus that increases the amount of experience points gained for catching fish.

-Fishing shops have reduced prices for the following rod models:

Advent CST-F66ML, Advent CST-F70H, Advent CST-F70MH, Advent S-F66ML, Advent                 S-F70H, Advent S-F70MH, Blackwood FSL130H, Blackwood FSL140XH, Blackwood Picker PSL98MH, Ethnic CSTF66MH, Ethnic CSTM88MH, Ethnic SPF66MH, Ethnic SPF78MH, Ethnic SPF88MH, Ethnic SPM88MH, Evora CST CSSL78MH, Fortuna CST 60MH, Fortuna CST 66MH, Fortuna CST 68MH, Fortuna S60H, Fortuna S60MH, Fortuna S66MH, Fortuna S68MH, Integra CF66M, Integra CF70MH, Integra CF77M, Integra SPF66M, Integra SPF66MH, Integra SPF70M, Integra SPF70MH, Integra SPF77M, Karelia CSTF78M, Model One CST S68ML, Model One Picker 240M, Ventura CXF70MH, Ventura SPF66ML, Ventura SPXF70M, Versa CF66ML, Versa CF77M, Versa CF77XH, Versa CF80MH, Versa CM66MH, Versa CM80H, Versa SPF66M, Versa SPF77M, Versa SPF77XH, Versa SPF88H, Versa SPF88MH.

-Fishing shops have increased prices for the following rod models:

Aeros CST CSF66MH, Aeros CST CSXF60H, Aurora CSTXF88H, Barracuda CST CSM68M, Barracuda CST CSM88H, Barracuda CST CSSL78M, Barracuda CST CSSL88MH, Barracuda SPM68M, Barracuda SPM78M, Barracuda SPM88H, Barracuda SPM88M, Barracuda SPSL88MH, Bunessan Picker PF98XH, Cardena CST CSM78ML, Evora CST CSSL98H, Ethnic CSTF88H, Ethnic CSTXF78H, Ethnic CSTXF88XH, Ethnic CSTXF98H, Ethnic SPXF78H, Ethnic SPXF98H, Linear S88XH, Mechta CSTF68ML, Mechta CSTXF88H, Mechta CSTXF88XH, Mechta P270, Mechta P300, Model One CST S88H, Model One S98H, Model One Picker 270M, Model One Picker 300MH, Rocket CM77M, Rocket CM88H, Rocket CM88MH, Rocket CM88XH, Super Duty CST78H, Super Duty CST60MH, Super Duty CST86XH, Super Duty S88XH, Ventura CF66ML, Ventura CM77H, Wingate Picker PF98H.

-The average weight of the following fish species was increased: Silver carp, Big head carp, Caspian brown trout, Black sea kutum, Kutum, Black Buffalo, Buffalo, Short-headed Barbel, Shemaya, Black Sea Shemaya, Brazhnikov Herring, Pumpkinseed, Ladoga lake whitefish, Svir whitefish, Black whitefish, Ripus, Vendace, Smelt, White eye bream, White bream, Blue bream, Vimba, Ruffe, Dace, Chinese sleeper, Volga zander.

-Increased the minimum weight and average weight of the Caspian Brown Trout.

-Significantly increased the average weight of the Chinese Sleeper at Mosquito lake.

-Significantly increased the average weight of the Char on the Ladoga Archipelago.

-Increased the population of Cod, but reduced the price at the fish markets.

-Reduced the population of Atlantic Halibut.

-At the fish markets, the price of the following types of fish has been increased: Chub, Volga zander, Pumpkinseed, Vendace, Black Sea kutum, Black Buffalo, Kutum, Short-headed Barbel, Silver Carp.

-The number of experience points gained for catching the following types of fish has been increased: Chinese Sleeper, Siberian Roach, Common Roach, White bream, Sichel, Smelt, Asian Smelt, Vendace, Siberian sardine cisco, Freshwater Crayfish, White-eye bream, Rudd, Ripus.

-Significantly increased the price of trophy specimens of common species of fish: White-eye bream, Volga zander, Caspian roach, Chub, White bream,Siberian dace, Dace, Ruffe, Crucian carp, Gibel carp, Stickleback (all species), Rudd, Tench,Perch, Pumpkinseed sunfish,Gudgeon (all species),Common roach,Syberian roach,Nase,Ripus, Chinese sleeper,Vendace, Siberian sardine cisco,Kessler herring, Clupeonella, Bleak, Sichel, Shemaya (all species),Ide.

-The efficiency of fishing with float rigs from the shore was increased on the Ladoga Lake.
The game world has been reset. As a result, fish may change habitats and bait/lure preferences.