Patchnotes 29/02/2020


  • A new body of water – the Seversky Donets River – has been added to the game. This river is available from level 22.
  • Eight new fish species have been implemented – the inhabitants of Siwerskyj Donets.
  • At Seversky Donets there is a bakery and a mill where you can buy locally made products. Products from the manufacturer Ataman fishing tackle (rods, hooks and floats) are offered in the “Vakula” shop.
  • An additional bridge was added to the ‘Old Burg’, another bridge was revised.
  • Vending machines for drinks are now available on the maps.
  • The range of telescopic rods has been expanded considerably in the shops.
  • The range of fishing lines, leaders, leader materials and hooks has been expanded in the shops.
  • The strength of the rods is now displayed with an accuracy of 100 grams.
  • Price adjustments have been made for the majority of products in stores. The cost of goods calculated in gold coins was reduced.
  • When repairing with silver coins, the repair time in the workshops has been increased.
  • The value for Sichel, Rudd and Caspian Roach has been increased in the fish markets.
  • The number of experience points for Sichel, Rudd and Caspian Roach has been increased.
  • A new version of the game’s graphics engine has been implemented.