Patchnotes – Norwegian Sea


Dear Anglers,

We are thrilled to invite you on an exciting journey to Norway as we pursue some of the most renowned saltwater fish species. This venture marks a significant milestone for us, as we expand beyond Russia and explore saltwater fishing for the first time.

During this adventure, you will encounter new fishing techniques, innovative equipment, and a diverse array of marine life, which will continue to expand over time. Although developing this update was challenging, it was equally exhilarating, and we are eager for you to enjoy the results. As you explore the vast ocean, rest assured that we will continue enhancing the experience for you. Remember, the greatest catch is the one that still eludes you.

Please note that in the initial days following the update, you may encounter imbalanced gameplay or server instability. We greatly appreciate any feedback during this period, but understand if you choose to wait a few days for a more refined experience.

Join us as we embark on new horizons, and as always, tight lines!


The FishSoft Team


– A new water body has been added to the game – the Norwegian Sea. Access to this location is available from level 34. On computers that do not meet the minimum system requirements, access to the Norwegian Sea is not possible.

– For players below level 34, the option to purchase a fishing trip to the Norwegian Sea has been implemented.

– For the Norwegian Sea location, three different bundles of perpetual unlimited access are available for purchase, which include, in addition to the unlimited access itself, a set of unique items.

– 40 new species of fish have been added to the game – the inhabitants of the Norwegian Sea.

– New types of tackle designed for sea fishing have been introduced.

– Various baits designed for sea fishing have been added.

10 new types of rigs have been implemented for sea fishing, many allowing the use of several hooks or lures.

– A new skill tree has been added – Marine Fishing

– A table of records for sea fishing (SEA) has been implemented.

– Implemented several new crafting recipes for marine leaders, shockleaders, and baits.

– Added the marine tackle section to the menu of fishing shops.

– Several new spinning and conventional reels have been added.

– Pilker and boat rods are now available.

– Multi-colored fishing lines have been added. These lines allow you to track the length of the released fishing line with an accuracy of 5 meters.

– Auto chat messages now separate trophy and rare trophy messages.

– For all reels, the capacity of the spool for lines with a diameter of more than 0.25 mm has been increased.
– Increased the effectiveness of fishing with the jerk rig.
– Increased the number and average weight of the Donets ruffe on the Winding Rivulet.

– In the game settings, the range of field of view adjustment has been increased.

– Implemented the ability to start at the travel screen when entering the game. You can enable this in the game settings.

– In admin competitions, the list of players at the registration stage is now visible only to the host.

– All players have a one-time free return of invested skill points.

– The game world has been reset.