Patchnotes October 2022


This update is primarily aimed at inexperienced players. A new tutorial and a hint system should make your first steps in the game easier. The increased prices for some types of fish will increase income, and the improved characteristics of available equipment will allow you to fight stronger opponents. In addition, some changes affect other aspects of the gameplay. The effectiveness of float fishing has been improved, bait preferences of some fish species have been reworked, and more.

– A new tutorial system for the game has been introduced.

– Implemented a hint system to acquaint new players to the game faster.

– Introduced gifts for each level up to 10.

– The qualification system is no longer available to players below level 10.

– Now, when entering the game, the character appears with the same item in his hands that he had in his hands when they exited the game.

– The “Cottage Pond” reservoir is no longer available. The storage of items that were previously stored in the house on “Cottage Pond” is now available in any of the player’s houses.

– It is now possible to get spare gear at any body of water in the administration building.

– Significantly increased the price in the fish markets of certain types of fish such as Barbel, Vimba, Ide, Nase, Rudd, Ruffe, Gudgeon and Chinese Sleeper.

– Increased the load capacity of a number of rods in UL, L, ML classes and of some entry-level rods.This change affects both rods presented in stores and rods already used by players.
List of rods affected: Corona S60L, Arrow S60UL, Arrow S60L, Arrow S66M, Arrow S70M, Arrow CST S60M, Arrow CST S70M, Linear S60L, Linear S68ML, Inspiration S60UL, Inspiration S68L, Inspiration S68UL, Inspiration S78L, Linear CST68ML, Karelia SPM66L, Ethnic SPM68UL, Karelia CSTM68L, Ethnic CSTM68UL, Lait SSL60UL, Lait SSL70L, Lait SSL78ML, Mechta SM70UL, Lait CSTSL68UL, Lait CSTSL70L, Mechta CSTM70UL, Aeros SP60UL, Cardena SPF60L, Cardena SPM68UL, Cardena CST CSF60L SPF66ML Versa SPF70UL Pulse SPF60UL Pulse SPF66L Pulse SPF66ML Pulse SPXF70M Pulse SPF77MH Pulse SPF77H Legend SPF66UL Pulse CF70H, Pulse CF70XH, Legend CF66UL.

– New versions of some reels have appeared in fishing shops. The new versions of the reels have received a greater force of the friction brake compared to their predecessors. Previous versions of these coils have been discontinued.
List of new reels: Spark 2 2000S, Spark 2 3000S, Libra 2 2000S, Libra 2 3000S, Lacerti 2 4000S, Lacerti-S 2 4000S, Lagoon-HP 2 2000S, Lagoon-HP 2 4000S, Hydra Smart 2 25S.

– Slightly redesigned the appearance of the reservoirs of the Mosquito Lake, Winding Rivulet and Lake Kuori.

– Habitats, activities and preferences of the fish on Mosquito Lake have been adjusted.

– Some fish species popular with newcomers to the game like Pike, Perch, Ide and some others have had their fighting powers slightly reduced.

– To increase realism and variety, additional adjustments were made to the system for generating fish preferences for baits.

– Increased the effectiveness of float fishing.

– Additional behaviors for the bites of fish species popular in float fishing have been implemented. The bites of such species have become more diverse and dynamic.

– Some items in stores, such as rod sets, can now be purchased with gold coins.

– It is no longer possible to transfer boat rental tickets purchased with silver coins to another player.

– Added the skill “casting strength control” to the skill tree. This skill allows, by holding the Ctrl key, to halve the filling speed of the casting strength indicator.

– A new category of baits “Porridge and Dough” has been highlighted in stores and player storage.

– In the game settings in the Control / Mouse section, the ability to select the control mode for the rotation of the game camera has been added: with inertia (by default) and without inertia.

– The characteristic of the reels “friction brake force” is now indicated with an accuracy of 0.1 kg. Previously, this characteristic was indicated with an accuracy of 0.5 kg.

– Corrected. In some cases, after the end of the interaction of the player with the chat window, the ability to control the game was lost.

– The game world has been reset.