Russian Fishing 4 game update.


Friends, here is the list of fixes, changes and updates in today’s patch;

– Fixed. After making the first PVA-Stick, the player did not receive the achievement “Food in the net.”
– Fixed. When using PVA-stick for the first time player did not receive the achievement “Wet their appetite”.
– Fixed. The use of ferry at Volkhov River were available when casted rod was in players hands.
– Fixed. When on a boat, it was possible to use the rod set on land.
– Fixed. The amount of ingredients were not counted towards making bait
– Fixed. Completely broken objects could be repaired (silver was spent and unbroken components were repaired). Repair shop no longer accepts fully broken gear for repair.
– Fixed. The weight and length of the selected fish were changing during the crafting of bait.
– Fixed. When calculating the total weight of the baitfish on a feeder set up (to warn the player about exceeding the rod test), the weight of the live bait was not counted.
– Fixed. When calculating the total weight of the tackle (to warn the player about exceeding the rod test), the weight of the groundbait and the weight of the PVA stick were not counted.
– The weight of portions of groundbait and PVA-stick is applied and shown.
– The spool of the reel is rotated when the fishing line is released by a friction brake.
– An indicator reflecting the ratio of the amount of remaining line on the spool added.
– In the item’s parameters, the display of hidden bonuses is disabled.
– All player’s skill points reset.
– Several new skills have been added to the player’s skill tree.
– The player’s simultaneous acquisition of a skill in different skill trees implemented. For example, if a player has reached the level of float fishing skill sufficient to gain the ability “using hair rig”, then the “Using hair rig” skill in the feeder fishing skill tree also becomes available.
– In the chat room, messages and events of all players are displayed regardless of the game server.
– Game server can no longer be selected.
– For lures and plastic baits, a range of acceptable hook sizes had been implemented.
– The fishing line thickness and its type has increased its influence on fish catch rate. As an example, chance of a strike when using thin fluorocarbon or monofilament line became much higher than when using thick braided line.
– Increased influence of the visibility of the components of the rig (the thickness and type of the line, the material and thickness of the leash, the size of the hook, etc.) of cautious fish, for example, such as Trout, Asp, Chub, Bream and Grayling.
– The sinking speed of Angry Walker reduced.
– The selection of hooks for Simmons Classic Head JH-201 and Simmons – Protected Head JH-301 was expanded.
– The selection of leaders is expanded.
– Several new food items are in stores.
– The selection of bait is expanded.
– Yellow, green, orange, red, pink and brown boilies have been removed from stores.
– Several new recipes for making bait added. For example, making of cheese and potato cubes.
– The stores changed the prices in gold coins for some of those baits that can be made in game.
– The sale of Express Fishing Sensiv Bolognese fishing rod is discontinued. Instead, the fishing rod Express Fishing Sensiv Bolognese II introduced.
– Various new mechanical and electronic fishing bite indicators are on sale.
– A slot for installing bite indicator was added to the feeder rig.
– It is now possible to install a leader for all bottom rigs.
– Switch to new version of UNITY3D is implemented. Windows XP и DirectX 9 are no longer supported.

*The game world will be restarted at the time of the patch. Fish may change their preferences for baits / lures / locales.